7 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

– Shashank Chauhan

7 best Social Media Scheduling Tools 2022

Being a Social Media Marketer or a business owner managing time is the most important thing. Here comes the most effective tool, which everyone should have Social Media Scheduling tools. 

Social Media Marketer’s goals are to get maximum ROI within less time. 

Social Media Scheduling tools are not just software that helps you to schedule your post, If you choose the best social media scheduler for your business it helps you to improve your whole social media management process, giving you more time to create amazing content and form real-time connections with your followers.

Social media scheduling tools keep you ahead of competitors, and you can prepare your social media plan, strategy, & execution in advance and make posting across platforms easier. Everything is taken care of by the management tools, from posting an update to assessing your performance. These are time savers that allow you to focus on creating high-quality posts that will help your brand or business grow.

Here, we will share the best social media scheduling tools for your business and tell you how to schedule posts on social media.

7 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools:-

Social bee is one of the Best social media schedulers. This tool can help your business to get your updates to your customers on time, keep your business on track with all your social media accounts, and help employees to give more efficient work while content sharing and publishing efforts take less time.

With Social bee you can connect and manage multiple social media platforms you can think of. Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, and Google my business. 

SocialBee’s scheduling system is built on categories. You may give each of your posts a category, and then use these categories to conveniently schedule cross-platform campaigns instead of posting them individually. You can also bulk re-queue and edit posts, which is useful if you’re planning a large-scale campaign with a lot of content. 

If you want to extract information from relevant blogs in your niche, you can use their RSS feeds to have the tool extract the most recent pieces and queue them in your social feeds.

In addition to advanced scheduling options, Social Bee includes a suite of reporting, analytics, and collaboration tools that are ideal for large marketing teams wishing to share and collaborate on social media content while also analyzing campaign performance.

If you think that tools are complicated and you will face any problems with scheduling, the Social bee team will help you in every step even in how to schedule posts on social media, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Social Bee starts offer with $19 per Month for five social profiles and one user. You can post up to 10,000 Posts per Account every month. 

The best Suggestion would be, Get started with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and then pick a plan. You can start with Bootstrap and then switch it to Accelerate once your business gets bigger.

Sprout Social provides an immense number of features in their software which is well suited to large businesses. Their social media management tool solves a huge number of problems that an organization faces while managing its social media campaign.

You can use a content calendar to schedule and can manage multiple social media accounts. To get the most out of your publishing, send time optimization is possible.

Sprout Social includes a great engagement tool in addition to its excellent scheduling tools. You can create a unified inbox that collects messages from all of your social media accounts. This can make it easy to respond to followers and assures that no messages are misunderstood.

Sprout Social Analytics is amazing. You can utilize the analytics tool to build reports for your colleagues and clients and to easily view critical indicators like engagement and reach.

Overall, it provides everything a huge company needs to run efficient and effective social campaigns.


Sprout Social plan start from $99 per month, where you can upload a post on 5 social media accounts. More social profiles and a large number of sophisticated features are available with higher plans. 

*Sprout Social does not require a credit card for 14-day trails.

The best Suggestion would be, Get started with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and then pick a plan. You can start with the Standard plan and then switch to the Professional plan.

If you are still posting your content manually on social media then you are wasting a lot of your time. Social media management tools like Missinglettr help your business by providing a social media scheduling tool also with delivering increased results for your Content and Social Media Marketing strategies. The Missinglettr scheduling tool makes it exceedingly simple and easy to schedule posts.

Missinglettr is a social media scheduling and automation tool designed to help businesses generate and plan content without dedicating too much time to their social media activities.

It’s the perfect tool for working bloggers and company owners because it creates social media content automatically from blogs extracted from RSS feeds. After Missinglettr creates campaigns for you, you can quickly tweak and edit them using the social media calendar.

This will allow you to get the most out of your content and avoid content duplication. On top of that, Missinglettr includes a powerful analytics tool that you can use to track important metrics from your social media campaigns and optimize them based on the data you collect.


Missinglettr provides a free plan in which you can schedule up to 50 posts. After that, the paid plan starts from $19 per month for 3 social media profiles and provides one workspace. You can post up to 500 Posts per Account every month. 

The best Suggestion would be, Get started with a free plan (no credit card required) and then pick a paid plan. 

PromoRepublic is the best social media scheduling tool that helps you to manage multiple social media accounts in a basic plan.  

With the correct pricing plan, you can manage social media, brand consistency, reviews, and local SEO.

You can schedule content to popular social media platforms regularly, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business are all examples.

You may use social queues and get recommendations for the optimal times to publish your social media material.

PromoRepublic offers additional premium solutions in the om plan which includes, a white-label platform, local ranking reports, digital asset management, listing management, a white-label mobile app &  other solution too.


PromoRepublic, social media scheduling tool starts at $49 per month. The best thing about the PromoRepublic tool is they provide you can add up to 10 social media profiles and 2 team members in the starter plan. 

The best Suggestion would be, Get started with a basic plan (small business) and then pick an agency plan or you can customize your plan too.

Pallyy is the perfect social media scheduling tool for any business owner, affordable, and build with problem-solving abilities. 

Pallyy has a drag-and-drop social media calendar, as well as a media library and customizations. A Canva integration is also available. All of this means that you can quickly schedule visual social media content.

You can share to prominent social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and TikTok (using Pallyy’s reminder app is required).

You’ll also have access to stats for a number of important social media platforms, including Instagram post scheduler and Facebook.

On all paid subscriptions, you have unlimited team member accounts as well as approval workflows.

You can achieve different goals with Pallyy through its three core features.

– Instagram analytics
– Social media scheduling
– Instagram bio link


Pallyy offers two different plans with a lot of features. 

The first plan is free of cost. They offer a generous free package with limited social media post scheduling and analytics capabilities. Schedule 15 posts per month, for a single brand. No credit card is required. This plan may be sufficient for your needs for basic use. 

For that little fee, you get everything they mentioned. That is what distinguishes it from its competition.

If you need 5 or more social groups, you can get a volume discount. Pallyy can become even more economical if you have a significant number of clients.

With a limited free subscription, Buffer provides simple and best social media management tools. Buffer is also known as the best digital marketing company which creates powerful management software.

Buffer allows you to manage all of your major social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can manage multiple social media accounts. You can also use the content calendar to schedule content on Instagram, and you can even schedule your initial comments on each post.

Buffer is a simple yet effective social media scheduling tool for agencies trying to keep their social media spending low. Buffer offers a simple user experience that makes it simple for users to navigate the site.

If you additionally want access to analytics and engagement metrics, one of Buffer’s subscription services is a good option.


Buffer tool is also known as the best social media management tool, designed very simple tool with many features. 

Buffer, a social media scheduling tool, starts Free of cost and includes 3 social media platforms, basic publishing tools, and a landing page builder. You can schedule 10 posts per Social Channel and only one user is allowed.

You can start your free plan at any time, no credit card is required, provides you with a 14-day free trial, and you can cancel the plan at any time.

The best suggestion would be, Get started with a FREE plan, to get friendly with the software, and then pick an essentials plan or team plan.

7. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is one of the best social media schedulers if we see the number of features they are providing.

SocialPilot has proven to be one of the most user-friendly social media marketing solutions available. It allows you to post to TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram (Direct Publishing), Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, and VK, among other social media platforms.

Social Pilot Tool

Here are some features they mentioned on their website:-

  • Create unique posts for each social media channel.
  • Examine, track, and report on your social media activity.
  • Quickly generate White Label reports
  • Use your social inbox to get immediate feedback.
  • Collaboration features let you manage your team members.
  • Effortlessly manage many clients’ social media accounts
  • Manage ad campaigns and boosts after they’ve been published.
  • With the content curation tool, you can get new content suggestions.
  • Share blogs with RSS feed automation built-in.
  • With the bulk scheduling feature, you can upload 500 posts.
  • Use the social media calendar URL shortener feature to visualize your content strategy.
Social Pilot Scheduling Tool


Social Pilot is a simple and affordable social media scheduling tool. All plans have 8 supported social media platforms. The basic plan named the professional plan, costs you $29.75 per month, after a 15% discount if you purchase it for a whole year. In the professional plan, you can use up to 7 social media accounts, 1 user, and many other features.

You can try any of the paid plans under the 14 days free trial policy. No CC is required, you can change your plan anytime, and cancel anytime.

The best suggestion would be, to start with the basic plan (professional) to get friendly with the tool, and analysis, and then upgrade to a studio plan.

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