How to make Social Media Strategy for Real Estate

– Shashank Chauhan

Social Media Strategy for Real Estate

Social Media is not only used by the fashion or education industry, now the real estate sector is using social media platforms too and is getting promising, profitable results. Plan your social media strategy for Real Estate business should be so clear, which helps you accomplish your business goals.

Social Media has much potential to grow your business, but still, in the field of the real estate sector, many people are not using it to its best. Social Media can reach out your business content to the people looking to buy a house and can influence people in every step of a buyer’s decision-making journey.

A proper Social Media Strategy focussing on real estate will help you increase your sales by up to 50%. It will allow you to create a brand that eventually ends up with profitable or at least loyal customers.

In the past few years, Social Media has revolutionized the real estate business.

According to the National Association of Realtors (

  • “According to the study 77% of realtors use social media for real estate business.”
  • “46% of the real estate business get more quality leads from social media platforms.”

So, What’s your thought about Social Media for realtors? (Do share it in the comment below!)

Social Media has turned out to be the best way for realtors to connect with potential buyers and grow their business online. 

Here are some benefits of using social media platforms for real estate:-

– Cost-effectiveness

– Targeted Advertising

– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

– Helps in Branding

How to make Social Media Strategy for Real Estate?

Reaching out to the customers is easy nowadays, but conveying your message to your potential customers is important. Creating a social media strategy for the real estate business is important. 

Here are Six Steps to create Social Media Strategy for the real estate business.

1) Research Your Customer Persona.

Start creating separate personal accounts for both buyers and sellers because they have distinct preferences for buying and selling property.

And then by collecting information for your personal creation and identifying their income, age, lifestyle, etc. Define customer persona by their needs and goals and see their problems and challenges as a deal breaker.

Research Your Customer Persona

Some Questions which define buyer persona:

  • How much do they generally spend?
  • How much home-owning experience do they have?
  • What channels are they using the most?

Some Questions which define seller persona:

  • Are they moving to a new city?
  • Which type of property are they looking for (Big or Small)?
  • Do they have knowledge about the current price at which their home will be sold for?

2. Define your Social Media Goals.

Here comes the term “SMART” which helps you by giving you the ability to track your progress.

If you have to increase the income from social media, you have to break your target down into SMART goals and achieve this milestone.

Define your Social Media Goals

SPECIFIC: Every social media real estate business goal you set must be clear, simple, and precise.

MEASURABLE: Set Social media goals that define metrics and KPI’s. Track the number of leads, appointments, registrations, meetings, and closure.

ATTAINABLE: Set challenging goals so that you can push your limits, but also be practical enough that you can accomplish.

RELEVANT: Setting goals that matter to your business currently.

TIME-BOUND: Time-bound is important, it helps you to achieve your goals within the time frame. Giving a timeline helps you to shape your business and accomplish your goal on time.

3. The best Social Media Platforms for Real Estate.

Each and every social media platform requires an investment of money and time. To identify the best social media platforms for your business you have to channel your efforts towards maximizing the R.O.I.

Let’s start with:-

the best Social Media Platforms for Real Estate

A) Facebook for Real Estate:

Facebook has two areas to promote the content for business, the first is Facebook Page and the second one is Facebook Group.

- Facebook Page:-

One major mistake that people make is that they use a personal Facebook profile to promote business. Facebook Page works as a website that has all the details as well as content about yourself and your business. So, set up your business profile that looks professional and uses all the features like analytics and insights which help you to produce content as well as know more about your audience.

- Facebook Group:-

In Facebook Group, you can create a Real Estate Facebook group, add people to it and share your content with them. You can share listings as well.

You can also engage with your audience and make it more interactive by doing a poll. Just a hint!

Secondly, you can join Facebook groups that are local and are areas of your interest. Join groups and share updates, queries, and advice on a continuous basis. It will definitely help.

B) Instagram for Real Estate:

Instagram can be used to share high-quality images and videos for your listing. 

Instagram stories have more reach than any other content type, Stories have been used by many realtors to keep the audience updated and keep connected with them through polls and questions & answers. 

Using all the features of Instagram from reels to story to post, almost everything will help you to get leads.

Follow these steps for better results:

  • Create an Instagram perfect profile by adding, displaying pictures (Logo), Optimize Instagram bio, include details about your business, add a website link, and focus on adding contact information such as phone number, email, and address.
  • Use Real Estate Hashtags to reach out to the customers or engage with the community. e.g:- #realestate #homeforsale #propertyforsale #broker etc.
  • Direct Messaging – Use Instagram Dm to connect with people and get potential leads.

C) Youtube for Real Estate

As you know video content works way better than any other content type. Youtube is one of the best social media platforms for video content, almost 2.3 billion users are using Youtube. Uploading high-quality videos on Youtube can give you an edge in the real estate market. 

Create your real estate channel on youtube and showcase the properties. People love to watch video content that explains everything in detail about the property. 

Most of the real estate agents post their daily routine and luxury properties, it helps them to create an audience and gives huge benefits to their business.

D) Zricks

In India, Zricks ( is the leading real estate and rental marketplace. This kind of platform helps you to boost your business by listing a property in it. On a daily basis, thousands of people are searching for property in Zricks. You simply have to list your property and showcase your property highlights.

4. Create High-Quality Content.

To stand out on social media in the real estate sector you have to give people more valuable content which improves your credibility and brand values. 

Most of the people in real estate want success or want to sell property fast by listing or running ads on social media platforms. And the truth is most of your audience ignore the ads or simply scroll down. 

Instead of this, realtors have to focus on brand visibility, and instead of selling, focus on branding.

How to stand out in written content as a realtor!

  • Share your brand story and create curiosity by telling people why you are passionate about real estate. 
  • Explain your beginning, how you started in this industry, and show who and how you work in your company.
  • Share customer stories by describing customer problems and how you solve them.
  • Describe every service you provide. 
  • Ask questions from people and answer their queries and put them in the website F.A.Q section.

According to the customer persona which you defined earlier, start creating content according to whether you create social media posts, ebooks, articles, blogs, or newsletter. Always consider how it fulfills the need of a specific persona.

How do you stand out visually as a realtor!

Either it is a social media platform or listing platform you need a high-quality photo to be viewed by the audience. 

Some tips to stand out visually:

  • Hire a professional photographer to capture high-quality photos of properties and post them on Social Media Platforms.
  • In-house photos of staff photos or any event pictures show people your brand value.

How to stand out on Video Content as a realtor!

Video content has more engaging power, people love to watch property videos.

Here are some tips you can use while creating videos for the real estate business:

  • In property, location matters, start showing the neighborhood’s shoots.
  • Use drones to highlight property features and show full locality.
  • Use different angles of the property.
  • Show the interior of the property and spaces too.

5. Pick A Target Audience and advertise smartly

Organic reach is low in every platform, take advantage of the paid social media marketing to reach out to the targeted audience. 

Some tips you can use to creating stunning ads that can get you potential leads:

  • While creating ads use demographic, interest location, and behavioral targeting options. 
  • Instead of a single image, use carousel ads to show multiple properties (or features of single properties).
  • Be transparent and simple in your ad copy so your customer can understand it well.
  • Use customer video reviews to build trust.
Pick A Target Audience and advertise smartly

6. Analyze, Optimize and repeat.

Optimizing and analyzing the result is the most important thing. After doing a listing and optimizing all social media platforms, running ads, If we don’t analyze the result, whether it is working or not, you can’t grow your business online. 

So, here are some KPIs which you have to measure from time to time in your social media strategy:-

  • Increase in website traffic.
  • Raise follower count.
  • Generate more contacts from the submission form.
  • Improvement in engagement rates.
  • Get more property inquiries or sales.

Social Media Management for real estate allows you to save time and you can clearly measure R.O.I.

Now make your our social media strategy for real estate business and complete your business goals.

Abbraccio Digital will help you to get your business to the next level by building your base much stronger. Our Social Media Marketing Strategy knows exactly how to deliver excellent customer service to the target audience. Our refined, unique technique of marketing is exactly what your business needs. Try us NOW.

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