Benefits of Social Media Marketing for
Small Businesses

– Vedha Menon

Everyone at least once in their lifetime, has definitely hoped or dreamt of starting their own business. Some went forward with it, taking the extra mile and some simply took the conventional path of accepting whatever comes their way.

Starting one’s own business is a thought that can be extremely overwhelming and almost impossible for many. And yet there are others who manage to make the best out of the very little resources they have. As it goes, some just dream of having a business while others work towards it.

Now you may ask what the difference between your dream business venture and well established business is. The answer is simple- innovative ideas and right marketing!

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses - Abbraccio Digital

Finding the motivation to work hard, keep going and make small constructive differences to your work can seem daunting, considering the current state of affairs around the globe but isn’t as difficult as it may sound. It’s not just about staying in the business, it is also about giving out and doing something that makes a difference. 

And so, one should make the most of 21st century technology – where almost anything can be bought and sold with just a click of a button! If you’re not using the social media platform to publicise your product and services where almost 60% of the population is present, you’re missing out on a major part of your potential customers. 

Social media marketing is important for emerging businesses as it doesn’t ask for any particular requirements. Almost anyone can make the best use of this platform for almost at zero cost. Still not convinced?

1. Reduced Media Cost:-

While establishing a new business, it is understandable that one might have a very limited budget. But don’t sigh yet! Here’s the catch- marketing on social media is absolutely Free.

Reduced Media Cost - Abbraccio Digital

And yes, we are not exaggerating By providing engaging content with a pinch of amazing ideas, social media can help you build a name for your brand along with helping you out with reaching your potential customers at the same time! 

2. Interaction with other Brands/Businesses:-

Now here comes the underrated positive impact of social media. Not only can you establish your own business and help it grow, you can also interact with other businesses and have collaborations making them your potential partners in the future.

Interaction with other Brands/Businesses

This initially may seem like competition but it is more than just that. It is actually a great opportunity to grow your business with the help of like minded groups.

3. Create Brand Recognition:-

Creating a name for your brand is probably the most tedious yet most important part for any kind of business, be it big or small. Most of the people would rather go for products of Britannia than go for a brand that no one has ever heard of. Why? It’s simple! People always choose a product they trust and believe in. Wouldn’t you do the same ?

Create Brand Recognition

Engaging with your customers and advertising your product on social media will help you build that name and the trust for your brand!

4. Better Customer Service:-

These days, with just about everything online, customers expect companies to handle their requests through social media. It’s much more convenient and also a strong investment in customer service which leads to building meaningful relationships between the customer and the company.

Better Customer Service

5. Direct Traffic to Your Site:-

If this social media marketing is done right, potential customers can easily be driven to your website as leads for the best possible marketing cum interaction. One thing you must keep in mind is the quality of your content and how often it is that you post as it might sometimes become overbearing. That’s why the impact of Social Media on businesses is currently so high

Direct Traffic to Your Site

Social media networking ensures getting traffic to your website which might otherwise not come through search engines.

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