10 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Blog​

– Shashank Chauhan

Most bloggers work individually, and so they have to do everything on their own. From writing blogs to content marketing, they are the only ones who are responsible for every single activity. And it’s important to note how with the help of High-quality backlinks, one can see if their website/blog ranks on Google’s first or second page.

10 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

Some strategies may help one get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Blog, but link building generally takes time. It is a practice where one can see the natural backlinks come to their site.

Here are 10 ways to get High-quality backlinks:-

Guest posting is one of the best link-building strategies. In this strategy, you may write an amazing blog for someone else’s website for free which usually benefits them, but it is beneficial for you too. While submitting guest posts you will get a free High-quality backlink to your blog. In most cases site owners allow you to promote your product, social media links, or any other resources.

Guest Posting - 10 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

In the guest posting, you network with other bloggers. You get a chance to explore yourself and speak to a new audience. It gives you exposure and helps you to build your reputation online.

2) Publish Amazing content that gets natural backlinks

If you write great content, it will naturally create free quality backlinks. So you should always write great content or valuable content that people love to read and share with others.

Publish Amazing content that gets natural backlinks

When your content is valuable and a good source for your audience, you will automatically receive backlinks. Example:-  If I Find great content related to my niche, I love to post it on my website and give an external link to their website. Because I know this content will help my audience to understand more about what I am trying to say. So, try to always publish worthy content.

3) Experts Roundup/ Interviews

In this strategy, you invite a number of bloggers and hold an interview or round-up. You ask questions to every blogger and submit it to your website as a post or blog.

In these interviews, you ask them about their favorite product, expert tips, how they work with brands, and their experiences, note that it must be insightful content. People would love to read and share these kinds of blogs. 

Experts Roundup/ Interviews

Mostly, these participants are willing to mention the roundup links on their own blogs. These sorts of posts also get maximum social shares and comments.

4) Get an advantage from Broken Links

You must have noticed many pages that have broken links or 404 error pages. It happens because links get expired and don’t work properly. Why not take advantage of those broken links?

You have to research and find broken links of your related niche. You can use the free chrome extension “Check my links” to find broken links on a web page.

Get an advantage from Broken Links - Abbraccio Digital

After finding the broken links, contact the blog owner where the broken link has been found. Tell them about the broken link and pitch your relevant blog post to them and suggest how your content will be a great replacement. You can get quality backlinks.

5) Writing Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews can be a way to build high-quality backlinks. Find all the products and services you have used, then make a list of all websites and find if they have a testimonial page on their website. If they have a testimonial or reviews page, take time and write a short testimonial and give a website link on it.

Writing Testimonials and Reviews - Abbraccio Digital

A lot of businesses love showing off testimonials or reviews of customers. This link Building strategy works if you spend time to research and then submit a website.

6) Design Interesting Infographics

Infographics can get high-quality backlinks to your blog. Many businesses need an infographic for their website. As you may know, an infographic means a long vertical image that represents the whole idea of a blog post. Infographics usually get maximum shares. 

Design Interesting Infographics - Abbraccio Digital

Businesses reach out to bloggers in the same niche through email and inquire if they can share their infographics on the website. Instead of that, they usually give a quality backlink.

7) Email Outreach

Email Outreached - Abbraccio Digital

When you are a blogger, you get so many emails every day. In the same way, you can connect with other bloggers in the same niche through emails. Connect with other bloggers. Read what they write, and what content their audience loves to read. Then send an email and ask them If they liked your content and find it more interesting and get mentioned in their posts.

8) Make Insightful comments

Blog commenting is another strategy for making connections with bloggers. There was a time when comments were used to get backlinks to a website. After a change in the Algorithm, they may not be able to generate direct backlinks to the website but they are still effective in the overall link building.

Make Insightful comments - Abbraccio Digital

Personally, I am not sure if blog commenting is 100% helpful in quality backlinks but some sites do pass some juice. It is not the best practice of link building but many bloggers still do this. 

9) Actively Participating in Communities

Communities - Abbraccio Digital

There are so many social communities where you can discuss and communicate with each other. Platforms like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn are places where you can get high-quality backlinks. You can ask questions and answers, and help them by giving advice. Try to write meaningful answers for the community readers. You can also give links to posts.

10) Free Resources

Free Resources - Abbraccio Digital

Give Freebies and products that will generate backlinks. If you create awesome freebies like Ebook, E-courses, planners, videos -these will turn more eyes. Many bloggers mention the free resources of other bloggers in their blog posts for the same reason.

Not everything works for everyone and not any one of these strategies does the whole job, it’s a continuous process and a time-taking, effortful journey to getting more responses.


Today, social bookmarking sites play a significant part in SEO. Sharing these 500+ Free Social Bookmarking Sites List will help you in getting some quality backlinks. 

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