10 Ways To Find Content Ideas For Social Media Platforms.

– Shashank Chauhan

10 ways to find content ideas for social media platforms

At some point in a content creator’s life, there comes a moment when they are out of new content ideas. 

Everyone faces this challenge, but if you pay attention and listen to your community or your audience, you will get tons of amazing content ideas.

Here are the top 10 ways to find content ideas for social media platforms:-

Quora is a great platform if you are searching for content ideas, you just have to search your question or main topic in Quora. You will get the answer or topic ideas in which people are searching for the answer. Go and create content around that and post it or solve their queries.

2) Online Groups (LinkedIn and Facebook Groups).

You will get niche-related groups on Social Media platforms. Search for the group of your industry and see where people are building community.

LinkedIn Group | 10 ways to find content ideas for social media platforms.
LinkedIn Group

The best group is when you find people are discussing topics in groups, here you will get your content ideas.

Facebook Groups | 10 ways to find content ideas for social media platforms.
Facebook Group

3) Social Media Story (Questions/Answers or Poll).

You can ask your followers what problem they are facing so that you can solve their queries as well as create content around that.

In Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn you can create stories and ask your audience by doing polls or questions/answers.

4) Social Media: Hashtags.

Using Hashtags to know what other people are doing in the same niche. From Hashtags, you will get a good number of content ideas. 

With hashtags, you can figure out innumerable ideas that you may have missed out on otherwise.

5) Your Social Media post or Website comment section

After publishing content on a website or social media platform, people usually ask questions related to the niche in the comment section. From here, you can get more content ideas. 

To solve their question, you get to create new content!

6) Competitors website: FAQ section.

Keep an eye on the competitor’s website FAQ section, see what people are asking and solve their queries by making some form of content and post it on social media platforms or websites.

7) Pinterest.

It is a visual-based platform, just search your keyword or topic on Pinterest you will start getting tons of ideas.

8) Google-related searches.

On your Google search page, go take a look at the bottom of the web page, and see related searches of your keywords. That shows you another keyword that people are also searching for.

Convert it into the content.

9) Content Topic Generator.

There are many software’s available that helps you in generating topics. You just have to put keywords or industry terms and you will see the topics.

Here are some content topic generators:-

– Hubspot’s Blog topic generator. (https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator)

– Portent’s Content Idea Generator. (https://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker/)

10) Google alerts.

It helps you in topics that customers care about or people are posting more about that term. On google, start alerts by selecting a location. 

This will send you new topics over mail.

Hope you like all 10 ways to find content ideas for social media platforms and use them on your social media plan.

Happy Content Creating!

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