What to include in Social media Strategy for Real Estate

– Shashank Chauhan

What to include in Social media Strategy for Real Estate

The first question, which comes to your mind is definitely going to be –  Why should I use Social media for real estate?

And the answer is very simple. 

Social media platforms are free. And almost 90% of your audience is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube & Pinterest. Also, social media platforms help you reach out to your targeted audience.

Nowadays, all of the buyers who are planning to buy a house, first search their home on the Internet. They focus on the reviews and all the features put up. It is a good chance for all the realtors to reach out to potential buyers and increase their sales.

And your second question must be “What to include in Social media Strategy for Real Estate”

*Pro Tip:- Every platform is profitable. You just have to know which is working for you by producing different social media content for different platforms.*

Social Media Content is what matters the most, so if you are stuck and can’t find good content ideas, here’s some for you “social media content ideas for real estate.” 

Or, check this “15 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector

Follow these tips for best results:- 

Include your address, opening and closing hours, and the area where you provide services.

Put a call to action on your page. Example:- call now, visit website, schedule meeting to create urgency and action.

Here are some pointers which you should have to consider, What to include in Social media Strategy for Real Estate:- 

What is the meaning of Quality content? It means it should be clear, easy to understand, engaging, and at the same time, it must be valuable for your audience. 

If you are producing content as an image your image must be clean, high definition, easy to understand, and most importantly it must have a clear, short message in it. If you are producing a video, it must be high quality and must show project features.

Here are some content ideas which you can use:-

– Post articles related to properties and any personal finance.

– You can post community event videos and posts.

– Talk about the market on LinkedIn.

– Engagement contest.

You must need different content ideas to engage with the audience on social media. Here are the top 15 social media content ideas for the real estate sector.

Focus on Quality Content

2) Be Consistent.

Consistency is important, when it comes to social media it helps you to reach out to the maximum audience as well as creates a brand image. It is a fact that if you see someone’s content on a daily basis, you will start knowing their name and logo. 

After testing for a week, post your content at the best timing when your audience is more active.

3) Advertising.

The algorithm of Facebook and Instagram have started giving less reach since 2-3 years, it is around 6% reach.

Advertising will help you to reach out to a maximum number of followers. By advertising, you can target your audience based on interest, behavior, and Demographics. According to the money you spend on Ads, It will decide how many people will see your ad campaign. 


4) Nurture and Engage.

This is the most important factor, Engagement with the audience or nurturing them will help you to grow your business for the long term. Nurturing customers with their queries, will increase trust with the real estate developer or agent. 

Social media is perfect where you can connect with your audience and grow business credibility. Engaging with customers is so easy now, be genuinely connected with them in the comment section, stories, and Dm’s. 

If you have to make a perfect social Media Strategy here is How you can make Social Media Strategy for Real Estate

5) Measure your Reach.

In the end, always measure the achievements you get. See which type of content your audience liked the most, who is watching your content. Make a report and get insights from every social media platform.

You can analyze:-

– Impressions

– Click-through rates

– Engagement

– Demographics

– Location

– Reach

See the result and improve it by trying new things. 

Thanks for reading the content, hope you like it. Comment below your questions and you’ll get the response soon.

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