15 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector

– Shashank Chauhan

15 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector - Abbraccio Digital

The Internet has emerged as an essential component of our daily lives. We spend at least 10% of the day using the internet or on social media platforms. 

People search for their ideal home over the internet. They spend most of the time looking for pictures on Instagram and videos on Youtube and compare and contrast until they are absolutely sure about the ‘one’.

If you want to build your presence online on social media platforms, you have to be present on each social media platform and share content regularly. 

People want new content every time they need informational content. Here we share some Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector, you can use them and build your social media presence.

So, here are 15 social media content ideas for the Real Estate sector, which realtors can use in their strategy to stand out from the competition.

You never know who is in search of a home, so keep updated on your social media with a new listing of the property. Add Property images, descriptions, or detail about the property like bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen dining, and balcony or garden area. 

Images of the interior or exterior of the house. At last add a new listing link, So that everyone can see that property.

2. Helpful News or Informational Content.

Helpful News or Informational Content | 15 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector - Abbraccio Digital

Be the first to provide local or national, buying or selling news on social media platforms. Add a website or article news link so that people can read the full blog. 

This builds trust and establishes a brand making people think about you whenever they hear about real estate.

3 Events in the community.

Your audience loves to watch community events happening around, they always want to check if it matches their lifestyle and personality.

Keep updated and always share the relevant event pictures or videos happening around you.

4 Real Estate Tips.

Real Estate tips are useful to share on social media for your audience so that they can get something valuable from your side. 

Make it easy to read, understand, short, sweet, and straightforward.

5. Video of home tour or neighborhood guides.

Video is a great visual explanation of what you want to portray. Upload videos of home tour or neighborhood, show nearby locality. By doing this many potential customers, who can’t visit the property, may contact you for more information.

6. Real Estate client testimonials.

Real Estate client testimonials | 15 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector - Abbraccio Digital

In the Real Estate sector, people research a lot before buying a home because it is the most expensive thing a person would buy in their whole life. 

Client testimonials add a lot of value to your company (People start believing you if you have a positive review).

So, build trust by sharing testimonials of your potential client. Let your client share the review of how you helped them with getting them their dream home.

7 Instagram Stories (Polls and Question & Answers)

Create polls or questions or answer on Social media stories, ask interesting MCQ from your audience, Engage with your audience on daily basis. 

Tell them to ask a question from you related to properties and solve their queries.

8. Behind the scenes videos.

Behind the scenes video always works, the audience loves to watch BTS videos. You can post your BTS videos of the home tour, personal life, corporate tour, and how your teamwork works for the customers. 

You have to encourage potential buyers to ask questions related to their BTS.

9. Real Expert Estate Advice

Real Expert Estate Advice | 15 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector

Expert advice is always followed by people. Give some expert advice to your audience – where they have to invest and get good returns or a better life opportunity.

That’s how your audience knows where they shouldn’t invest if they are investing the first time.

10. Closing Post.

Once your property has been sold off, you can simply post a picture where you show that property is sold out. Give a shout-out or tag everyone who helps you with closing the deal.

11. Housing Market information.

Trust is the key, to grow in the market you should be updated with everything. You have to post information about the housing market or any other field in which you deal. Spread information in simple words and sentences and don’t use industry jargon.

Post must be visual- so add a link to the original source.

12. Memes.

Memes are the fastest way to grab attention! Many of the marketing companies are working with this strategy. Try to produce content with funny or entertaining content, so that people will engage with you in the comment section. This is also one of the best marketing techniques.

13. Giveaway.

A giveaway contest is one of the best ways to engage your brand. Always connect your contest with real estate project features or amenities, so that people can remember that later also. 

And don’t forget to post the winning photo!

14. More Free Resources.

The audience always loves free resources, do try to put up free resources like selling or buying guides.

15. Important day posts.

Always celebrate important days which are related to real estate. These kinds of posts get more reach and likes, and so automatically many people visit the profile. 

There you go with the top 15 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Sector.

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