7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agent

– Shashank Chauhan

7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agent

Social media channels are so important for the real estate industry to grow by not just selling property, it has true potential which gives a massive reach to the audience.

Ever since this pandemic happened, usage of social media has increased manifold. The audience is now active on social media platforms and this only helps you reach them. Every Real estate agent is using social media now and many of them are achieving their goals faster!

Here we bring 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate agents;

If you are using Social Media for the Real Estate sector you have to know the tips so that you can grow massively.

Here are 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agent:- 

Firstly, you have to create Social media accounts. Now, the question is which platform works well and gives you good results. Here are a few social media platforms which you can use:- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest. These are the platforms that will help you give the best result if you utilize them well.

If we talk about Facebook, it is an absolute must for a realtor, who wants to market his/her business digitally. You can share blogs, images, videos, and text-based content here. 

Another one is Instagram, which is just based on Creatives and videos. The more creative image attracts more customers. You can showcase your listing, future goals, the house sold, or customer testimonials. LinkedIn is where you get all the professionals so you can get a lot of leads from there. 

Choose a Social Media platform wisely | 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agent

You can use Twitter but it may not be highly beneficial.

Youtube is a video-based platform and you can create videos, and use it to explain your listing in detail. In the video, it’s easy to explain the property and the neighbor’s location. This social media tip helps the time of real estate agent.

2) Use Visuals.

Visuals attract more audiences to interact or engage with you. Real Estate visuals must be neat and clean, it must have details of the listing but as minimum as possible so that it keeps the audience wanting to know more.

Things which Visuals must contain:-

– Project Name.

– Project Location

– Builder/Developer Logo.

– You can add some project features in 2-3 pointers.

– Project Price.

Use Visuals | 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agent

3) Produce more Video Content.

All the social media platforms give more reach to the video content and the audience also love videos because it explains everything in detail. And if we talk about real estate, there are so many details about a listing which you have to show to your audience. 

Video is the best content type till now, not only for the real estate sector but for almost every business. 

Produce more Video Content | 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agent

4) Consistency is the Key (Post Regularly)

Posting content with consistency is difficult but it is only the key when you can get more reach as well as it is good for your audience.

Two more important points why you should post with consistency:-

– It is good in Instagram algorithm eyes:- According to the research, if you post content, Instagram increases your reach and impressions.

– It helps in creating a brand in front of your audience:- If your audience sees your content daily, this builds trust in them and might convert it into leads.

So, Posting consistently on social media is the key to growth.

5) Use Facebook and LinkedIn Group

Facebook and LinkedIn Groups have so much potential, Groups are niche related and have more reach than pages. So the content you share on the group must have a chance to be liked by 75% of the reached people. You just simply have to join the group and share your content daily. It might have high chances to get your clients from the group.

Use Facebook and LinkedIn Group | 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agent

6) Use Right Hashtags

Hashtags work today also, so If you are posting content you must use hashtags. This will give you a more accurate and specified reach. By using niche-related hashtags you can target your audience. Here are some Real Estate Hashtags that you could use:- 

#RealEstate #CommercialProperty #ResidentialProperty #Realtors #PropertyforSale etc.

7) Boost Engagement

Posting on social media is not the whole job, engagement helps you to get more clients, as well as more reach. You can say engagement is an important factor because in this process you directly engage or talk to your customers. Having a conversation with customers either in the comment section or DM’s or in stories will give you a chance to know more about your ideal customers and their requirements.

Implement even half of these tips to your plan and you will see a drastic boost in your business. Do reach out to us for more tips, queries, and discussion!

Above 7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate agents can help you build your social presence. you must need different content ideas to engage with the audience on social media. Here are the top 15 social media content ideas for the real estate sector.

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