What Does the X on Snapchat mean? [Cleared Doubt]

– Shashank Chauhan

Snapchat has become an immensely popular social media platform, known for its unique features and disappearing content. Among its various symbols and icons, one that often sparks curiosity and concern is the enigmatic ‘x’ symbol. 

Many users wonder: Does the ‘x’ on Snapchat mean someone has unadded them? As a professional social media expert, I’m here to shed light on this matter and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what the ‘x’ symbol truly signifies.

Understanding the 'x' Symbol on Snapchat:

Snapchat’s interface can sometimes leave users puzzled, especially when it comes to interpreting symbols. The ‘x’ symbol, typically found next to a friend’s name, has been widely associated with being unadded by that individual. 

However, it is crucial to dispel this common misconception. While the ‘x’ can indicate removal from someone’s friend list, it does not always guarantee it. There are additional factors to consider before jumping to conclusions.

Interpretation of the 'x' Symbol:

To comprehend the true meaning behind the ‘x’ symbol, we must explore different possibilities. 

1. User deleted their Snapchat account

One reason for its appearance could be that the user has decided to delete their Snapchat account altogether. In this case, it is not a reflection of your relationship but rather a personal choice made by the user.

2. Users manually removed you from their friend list

Another scenario is that the user manually removed you from their friend’s list. While this may initially seem like being unadded, it’s essential to remember that people often clean up their friend lists for various reasons. It may not necessarily indicate a personal falling out or a deliberate rejection.

3. User's privacy settings restrict communication

Additionally, privacy settings play a role in communication on Snapchat. Users can modify their settings to limit interactions or prevent certain individuals from contacting them. In such cases, the ‘x’ symbol might appear, but it does not necessarily signify being unadded.

Clearing Up Misunderstandings

1. Snapchat's evolving interface and symbol changes

Snapchat’s interface has evolved over time, leading to changes in symbols and their interpretations. It’s worth noting that the ‘x’ symbol may not always indicate removal from someone’s friend list, especially as Snapchat continues to refine its design. 

Therefore, it’s crucial not to jump to conclusions solely based on the presence of the ‘x’ symbol.

2. Potential scenarios that don't involve being unadded

Furthermore, various scenarios can result in the ‘x’ symbol without involving being unadded. For instance, technical glitches or temporary account suspensions can lead to the symbol appearing erroneously.

Therefore, it is always recommended to communicate directly with the user in question to verify your status rather than solely relying on symbols.

Maintaining Healthy Online Relationships:

In the realm of social media, fostering healthy relationships is paramount. Open and honest communication is key to understanding and respecting one another’s choices.

If you have concerns about being unadded or any other issue on Snapchat, it’s important to approach the situation respectfully and address your worries with the person involved.

Personal Anecdote:

I recall a time when I noticed the ‘x’ symbol next to a close friend’s name on Snapchat. Initially, I panicked, assuming that they had intentionally removed me. However, after gathering my thoughts, I decided to reach out and discuss the situation.

To my surprise, it turned out to be a temporary glitch in the app, and our friendship remained intact. This experience taught me the significance of open communication and not hastily assuming the worst.


In conclusion, the ‘x’ symbol on Snapchat is not a definitive indicator of being unadded by someone. It is crucial to approach the interpretation of this symbol with caution and consider alternative explanations. To avoid misunderstandings and maintain healthy online relationships, clear communication with the individuals involved is essential.

Remember, symbols can be misleading, but dialogue will provide the clarity needed to understand your Snapchat connections better.

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