10 Tips to write killer marketing email

– Vibha Menon

Last week when my team asked me to write content for the new email marketing campaign, I lost myself in a trail of research and unanswered questions that made no sense! The more I read, thousands of ideas bulked up and I just wasn’t sure whether I could write content that was so free and personal. 

For the task that took me almost 2 days to deal with, here are the best, and life saving 10 tips for you to save a huge chunk of time and also maintain your sanity. Oh, you may thank me later! 🙂 

So Here are the 10 tips to write killer marketing email

And yes, I mean it. There are more than 500 mails in my inbox that have been lying there for days and another 2000+ that are in trash that I haven’t even read, uhm, opened to be honest. And as you may have guessed by now, the fault was in the subject line. It was not intriguing enough for me to actually open and read through it.

10 Tips to write killer marketing email

Focus on the subject line, it is the most important part of the whole email marketing strategy and needs extreme attention. The last thing you want to know is that your mail was reported spam. OOPS!

2. Content is the King. Here and everywhere!

Okay, so the subject you came up with was so good that your client actually opened the mail. Awesome! The next thing you want to nail is the content that actually makes the email. This is a short version of a web copy. You have to sell through your words

Don’t go over the top or be so under confident with your terms that the client feels disconnected. Write in a manner that they are so intrigued by what you have on offer that they actually start visualising it as theirs. Pro Tip- build a connection.

3. Clear CTA

This is where you make it or break it. 

A very clear Call to Action can assure a guaranteed lead. Good content + defined Call to Action would be a well written pitch.

Clear CTA - 10 Tips to write killer marketing email

4. Know and Understand your Audience

This is the part that most tend to ignore. No matter how well written your content is, if you don’t write for your audience, you are basically discussing your ideas with bots, and they don’t really care 🙂

Focus on providing quality to your audience and they will ensure you get good returns!

5. Send mails regularly

Most email marketing campaigns fail because they lack consistency and quality. Not sending enough emails is as big a crime as bad content! Understand your audience’s requirements and what they love about your work.

Send mails regularly - 10 Tips to write killer marketing email

6. But know when to STOP

You must understand that spamming your client with your content is not what you want to do. You just have to make sure that they know you exist- like a hello from across the fence. That’s it. Too many spam mails can actually make you lose a potential client.

7. Encourage readers to Reply

Communication is the key, and as you may have heard, communication is a two way street too. So, encourage your subscribers and readers to reply to your mails with their queries, suggestions or even feedback. Because their feedback can add a lot of value to your content. 

Encourage readers to Reply - 10 Tips to write killer marketing email

8. “Unsubscribe” is Mandatory

Please understand that not all your potential customers (according to your data) may really be interested in your company or your content. Do not forget to give them the option of unsubscribing if you don’t want to be flagged as spam.

9. Structure

Your email, newsletter, content may be only a tool for your marketing purpose but for the reader, it is a platform of knowledge and information.

So remember to write and include content that is beneficial to your reader and make it meaningful for them. Giving value to your clients adds value to your company. 

10. Test

Last but not the least, test your content. Not just your content, but all the insights of the email marketing campaign. Check the analytics and make sure you’re testing different options for yourself. Always play with the options in hand and check what works the best for your marketing campaign.

Email Marketing is one of the best tools for digital marketing and can yield amazing results with a little bit of patience and lots of testing. The only way of mastering it is to keep testing and applying new techniques. And also, keep adding value to your mails. It will definitely yield great returns. 

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