The  Content Marketing Marathon


Step 1: Set Your Goals 

Most marathon runners have a coach and a strategy - a reason for running. a plan and metrics for success. Catch up with the companies that have a content executive in place, and establish your own strategy.

Step 2: Training 

Runners spend months training - you'll need to do the same. Pick your topic, listen to your customers' needs and establish an editorial calendar. Even better, cross-train with various content formats and lengths.

Step 3: Your Fans

Supporters are what keep marathon runners going. Your supporters are your internal and external content marketing teams: Hire managers and writers; crowdsource internally and tap into the power of freelancers and other external supporters.

Step 4: The Right Tools

Runners use sneakers and stopwatches to help them cross the finish line. Use content marketing specific technolgy such as a curation platform. CMS and marketing automation tools.

Step 5: Pace Yourself

Make the most out each mile you run. In other words, get the most mileage out of a great piece of content before moving on to the next piece.  

Step 6: Drink Plenty of Water

Keep a consistent flow of content by using curation. Content curation supports your creation strategy just like water fuels marathon runners. Our recommended mix of content fuel is 65% created. 25% curated and 10% syndicated.

Step 7: Encourage Other Runners

Being a team player Is a major part of a marathon. When you help out others around you, everyone wins. When curating content, stick to ethical best practices by annotating with your own insights and giving proper attribution to third-party sources.