Changing Digital Marketing Trends - 10 Years Challenge

– Vedha Menon

Changing Digital Marketing Trends - 10 Years Challenge - Abbraccio Digital

In today’s world where just about everything can be bought and sold with just a click of a button, many people find it hard to establish their businesses across online platforms. Digital Marketing if handled well can introduce you to a wider audience and help you advertise and promote your brand well on a much bigger platform.

Keeping up with the changing digital marketing trends, one can cut down their advertising and promoting costs. As everyone wants to reach a greater audience, deliver their products and services on a wider range, it is necessary to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends

We live in an era where online marketing of your product is of utmost importance for a successful business especially when consumer interests and behaviours are hard to predict. Keeping up with the latest trends on social media along with upgrading your marketing strategies and creative ideas can place you at par with other established businesses.

If you think you have missed out on any trends, check the following must-haves and simply upgrade!

Here are the Top Digital Marketing Strategies of 2023:

Changing Digital Marketing Trends 10 Years Challenge

1. E-Commerce on Social Media

Social Media is now more than just meet and greet. It has become an important marketing platform for almost every kind of business due to changing digital marketing trends. In fact, it has been noticed that almost 60- 70% of the consumers have found products that they believe in and we’re looking for, through social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest

E-Commerce on Social Media - Abbraccio Digital

There is absolutely no doubt that this exchange and promotion of ideas will stay as a great marketing strategy for a very long time.

2. Video Marketing

Video marketing has always been a great way of familiarising your product with the customers. We often, in our day-to-day lives, come across YouTube ads that feel special and personal. 

Video Marketing - Abbraccio Digtial

We are then compelled to share it with our loved ones and peers, making it one of the best ways to advertise your product. With a good mix of amazing ideas and great content, your video content would become something that people would look forward to!

3. Growing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already set its mark in various fields of marketing and customer relations which just makes it all the easier to understand customer behavior and search patterns better. 

Growing Artificial Intelligence - Abbraccio Digital

It helps in accelerating growth, cutting down costs, and optimizing accuracy.

4. Personalising Marketing Content

To set yourself apart from your competitors writing personalized content using creative ideas will bring you one step closer to your customer.

Personalising Marketing Content - Abbraccio Digital

Every customer wants nothing but the best for themselves. Writing content inclusive of relatable and personal experiences would perform a better task than any other general content.

This is the time to utilize these trends to their best for an effective and successful marketing experience. It may be difficult for you to focus on each one of the above but focussing on even one of these trends can yield far better results than otherwise.

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