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While surfing through various websites, you must have come across these small forms of online advertising called pop-ups. I noticed a few things in my research so here are 5 tips while adding pop-up messages on a website, but firstly what is a pop-up? Pop-up ads or pop-ups are forms of online advertising on a particular website  or simply the World Wide Web. It is a display area which usually comes as a small window that suddenly appears in the foreground of the visual interface.


The best part about such ads is that there is no standard size or shape of the window for pop-up ads. These ads usually appear on sponsored webpages, or on any kind of website that might bring heavy traffic. They are versatile and can accommodate almost any kind of advertisement.

It is not uncommon that many users find pop-up messages on websites diverting as it simply opens a new window and completely disrupts the users browsing experience. But here’s where it gets interesting! Despite the diversion and the anti-ad attitude which is common among website surfers, it has been noticed that users often tend to engage with such pop-up ads. It might not be the greatest idea but is one of the most popular strategies used for marketing.

So, if you want to play your A game of pop-ups for your website, here are 5 tips while adding pop-up messages on a website:-

The most important aspect of a pop-up ad is the message it wants to convey to its users. It should be short, relevant, appealing and of importance to the user. When you’re creating a pop-up ad, try putting yourself in the user’s shoes to see if the message you’re trying to convey is compelling enough for the user to click on it. The key to making a good pop-up on a WordPress website is to make it crisp, self explanatory and to the point.

Best pop-up messages


Almost 90% of the users are hesitant to buy a particular product, but that does not  mean that they are not interested in learning more about you.

One must give as much time as a user wants. Rushing them into buying something with a timed pop-up would do more harm than good.


Almost in every online shopping website, one must have definitely come across discount pop-up ads. Interestingly, this is exactly the kind of pop-up a user would be waiting for on a shopping website. If someone is interested in buying a particular product from a company, they’ll be definitely interested in knowing about any kind of discount that might be available. Adding pop-ups to such websites will not only increase your traffic but it will also encourage your users to surf your website more often.


Now this probably is the best way to sway your users to click on the pop-up message on the website. A countdown timer pop-up is the best way to add urgency and create that tension in the users mind of the limited period offer. Countdown timers, embedded within scrolling header or footer bars, does not interrupt your visitors ability to interact with your website. It just simply reminds them what you’re offering and how long the offer is going to last. Just a simple reminder to act fast before they miss out on it!


Timing is the key. When should the pop-up appear? What are the best pop-up websites? How often should a pop-up appear while a user is browsing? 

These questions can be a little hard to answer. To get heavy traffic on your website, one must keep a close eye on how often you post, how often people visit your website, what time frame do you get the most leads in, etc. If your targeted audience is seen to be most active during the evening, then putting up new posts at that time will be ideal and would have the maximum probability of being seen by the majority of your target audience!

So keep these little hacks in mind when you design your first pop up. Play with these techniques and find the best version that suits your business!

Pop up message Notification

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Exit Pop-Ups should be placed on product landing pages, lead-generation pages, and your blog.
  • On product pages, include a free demo, a “Are you sure?” pop-up on lead generation sites, and an ebook promotion pop-up on your blog.
  • Check to see whether you’re bombarding your readers or visitors with exit pop-ups every time they visit your site. Three times each week is the maximum number of times you should test your pop-ups.
  • Make sure you’re not bombarding existing leads or clients with pop-ups, as this is the fastest way to get them to unsubscribe.
  • If you’re looking for some ideas, take a look at these examples to discover how to make an effective exit popup.

The most important part of this activity is to test your pop-ups. Few pop-up providers allow you to immediately A/B test your business’s pop-ups, so shop around until you discover one that suits your needs.

Here I am sharing some details about Ninja Popup Why it is the best Pop up ever for wordpress:-

Ninja Popups for WordPress has professionally designed pop ups that convert visitors on your site into taking an action, whether they will subscribe to your newsletter, offer a discount/coupon for leaving customers, or locking content until they share, you’ll increase your subscriber count and social signal, which is exactly what Google and other search engines want.

By using the API, you can gain full compatibility with popup plugins and mailing systems. This powerful popup plugin solution generates high-quality leads and expands your mailing list options.

31,000+ SALES

Ninja Popup Top Features:-

  • Opt-in Locker – Lock your content by optin popup
  • Social Locker –  Lock your content by social popup
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  • Highly Customizable – Colors, buttons, Google fonts, animations
  • 65+ Beautiful Popups – Great popup themes design
  • Statistics – Check hits and conversion
  • Responsive Themes – Support for mobile devices
  • Quick Support – Please contact us if you have any problem
  • Page Level Targeting – Different popups for each post/page
  • Free Updates – Lifetime free updates
  • WPML Ready! – Translate your popup for any language

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