The 6 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs in the USA

Email Marketing Specialist Average salary: $54,456

As their title suggests, email marketing specialists create campaigns that connect businesses with customers and generate sales.

Digital Marketing Specialist Average salary: $50,284

Digital marketing specialist is an umbrella term that refers to any marketing professional who knows how to showcase and sell products and services online.

Digital Graphic Designer Average salary: $49,065

These professionals develop graphics for social media campaigns, websites, and email marketing. As such, graphic designers hold a lot of sway over the look and feel of a company’s brand image.

Content Specialist Average salary: $48,975

These professionals write, write, and write some more. Content specialists, or content writers, produce newsletters, blog posts, emails, press releases, and product descriptions, among other copy materials.

SEO Specialist Average salary: $46,330

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists ensure that content ranks as highly as possible in web searches. These professionals know how to boost a website to the forefront of Google.

Social Media Specialist Average salary: $45,274

This job involves more than posting sunset photos on Instagram or retweeting snappy Twitter memes. In this job, you’ll oversee an organization’s social media presence across multiple platforms.