17 Goals and Marketing Objectives


1. Improve Brand Reputation 

Gain and retain a 90% positive share of voice by the end of the calendar year so that prospective customers know like and trust us.

2. Optimize Brand Positioning

Define brand positioning statement and communication frameworks by the end of the month so that our team understands our strategic differentiators from the competition.

3. Increase Brand Presence

Publish 4 articles every month on external sources our target audience follows to increase brand presence.


4. Increase Traffic

Test three new traffic generation methods every month to Increase traffic month over month by 3%

5. Increase Suspect Pipeline 

Increase website conversion rates by 2% by the end of Q2 so that we increase the number of suspects in our marketing to sales pipeline from 500 to 510.

6. Acquire More Prospects from Existing Market

Implement content upgrades into every blog post by the end of the calendar year to turn 30% of our website visitors into prospective sales leads.


7. Improve Product Quality 

launch Product A by the end of the month with zero bugs

8. Diversify Lead Sources

Test two new lead generation sources every month in fiscal year 2021 to find at least two successful methods of generating new demand that we will implement by the end of 2022.

9. Launch Product

Define the go-to-market strategy for Product A by the end of the week so that the team can create all content before the launch date.


10. Aquire More Customers from Existing Market

Implement off-site tactics to acquire 5% more customers month over month by the end of the fiscal year.

11. Break Into New Markets

Research the competition in Market A by the end of Q1 so that we understand how to differentiate Product A positioning to win new market share.

12. Increase Efficiency

Publish four blog posts every week by the end of the calendar year.


13. Increase Profit Margin

Improve brand positioning on ten existing products by the end of the calendar year to increase product value so that we may increase prices for those product lines.

14. Retain Existing Customers

Reduce bugs to zero for every feature launch so that user churn decreases to 3% by the end of Q4.

15. Increase Revenue

Launch four new products by the end of the fiscal year to increase revenue.


16. Increase Customer Experience

Reduce user experience challenges in Product A to improve net promoter scores (NPS) to 70%+  

17. Increase Customer Advocacy

Implement a customer ambassador program by the end or the calendar year so that our best customers introduce our product to new prospective customers.