7 Social Media Tips For Fitness Trainers

– Shashank Chauhan

7 Social Media Tips for Fitness Trainers

If you want to be a successful trainer, you have to work hard as well as smartly. Nowadays every fit person wants to be a fitness trainer. There are lakhs of trainers in India, competition is tough. So if you want to be a Fitness trainer, you have to stand out from others. 

You have to go where your audience is active “Social Media Platforms”. 

If you are a newbie or a professional trainer, Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube will help you to get clients and grow your business.

Learning about social media platforms will help you to reach out to your potential clients at a cheap cost. 

Here I am giving you “7 Social Media Tips for Fitness Trainers”.

“Knowledge” is the most important factor, because it is valuable for people who have the same interest or behavior in your niche/industry. You must have knowledge before sharing it on social media.

Providing knowledge to your audience has so many benefits, it is a good way to build trust with customers. This will help you get more clients and/or leads. 

Spread your Knowledge

2) Build an Audience.

After sharing your knowledge free of cost people start trusting you and follow you. If people have their queries related to fitness they ask you in the comment section or by personally messaging you. Solve their problem with you charging a penny, that’s how you gain the real trust of people.

Build an Audience

3) Showing your personality.

Social media offers you to show your real personality behind the professional fitness trainer to your client or audience.

Instead of showing only fitness content to your audience, show your personal life, make it more fun and upload enjoyable content which your followers genuinely find in connection with you. 

This activity is important because always posting about fitness, makes your audience bored. 

Let them know you are the ‘real’ you.

Showing your personality

4) Engage with the audience

If you want to grow your account and reach out to a maximum number of people,                           

Always try to reply within 60 minutes – YES! That’s the hack. Psychology says if you want to build an audience and want them to connect with you for the long term, talk to them or answer their queries within 60 minutes.

5) Sharing Results

Share your result, train one audience for free and show his/her result on the social media platform. show them your fitness training result comparison (before and after) and it will help you to build trust amongst people. 

Show technique or practice by which you achieve such a result. Motivate them and in the end, convert them into your client/customer.

Sharing Results

6) Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. Keep working, don’t even miss a single day. If you want to build a successful social media page, keep posting content with consistency. Posting consistently on social media will keep you in the eyes of the audience and this, in turn, will build trust and help you grow your social media pages faster. 


7) Don't Give Up

And the final one is DON’T GIVE UP, I know you have posted 40-100-200 pieces of content with even consistency, and may still not be growing on social media. This means you have to look up your page and see what you are doing wrong or missing. Try checking what others are doing. 

Do some research and get back to work. 

But don’t ever give up.

Follow the above 7 Social Media Tips For Fitness Trainers and start your fitness journey on social media. If you have any questions you are always welcome to ask in the comment section. or maybe DM us too?

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